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Decking the Halls Safely

Holiday Lights

December is one of the most festive months all around the world as many cultures celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or other winter holidays. Many families take this opportunity to show their holiday cheer by decorating the interior and exterior of their homes with lights. Here are a few holiday light safety tips to keep you jolly all season long.

  • Practice ladder safety. When hanging lights or other decorations around your home, make sure that you have a helper holding the bottom of your ladder who can also get help if needed.
  • Follow extension cord guidelines. Feel free to use an extension cord with your holiday lights but don’t overload the circuit. Your extension cord and holiday light strands should have published guidelines about how many strands you can put together safely.
  • Make sure that you water your Christmas tree. A dry tree with a lot of hot-burning lights on it is a recipe for fire disaster. Check the water everyday to avoid a disaster and add water to the base as needed.
  • Replace old or frayed lights. If your lights are showing their age, it’s time to replace them. Frayed cords and exposed wiring is hazardous for your home and especially dangerous if you have young children or pets around. Upgrading to newer lights can also be more energy efficient, saving you money on your electric bill.
  • Be aware of open flames. Holiday lights originated as burning candles meant to create a festive environment during this celebratory season. If you like burning a holiday candle, make sure to keep it away from flammable items and always extinguish it if you will be leaving the room.

Whether you are decking your halls with holly or twinkle lights, taking steps to be safe can make your season both merry and bright.

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