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Summer Spruce for Your Home

DIY furniture

With everyone spending more time at home, maybe you have noticed a few home projects that still need to be finished. With long days and sunny weather, late summer is the perfect time to tackle those last few items on your home to-do list.


Nothing says summer like biting into a fresh strawberry or plucking a perfectly ripe tomato off the vine to enjoy. Try growing some of these fruits and vegetables yourself, either in a raised bed or container garden. The benefit of using one of these types of gardens is that you don’t need to perform complex soil analysis or correction. Simply use a bagged potting mix that you can find at most garden centers or big box stores. You can pick up some seedlings or small plants to make your harvest even easier.

Organize the Garage

If you enjoy riding bikes and scooters through the summer, this is the perfect time of year to weed out old items and organize the ones that you still use. Hanging hooks from the wall or ceiling can help you keep your recreational toys out of the way but still accessible. Bonus: this also helps keep them in tip top shape and increases their longevity. Smaller items, like soccer balls, baseball gloves, and even bubble wands can be kept in totes or bins.

Build furniture

Custom furniture isn’t just for professional woodworkers! You can find a variety of plans online that show you how to make outdoor furniture using lumber that you can pick up at your local hardware store. Pick an outdoor-friendly type of wood, such as cedar or acacia, to make sure that your project stays in great shape for years to come. You can leave it natural or paint it in your favorite color to truly make it your own.

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