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Working with Your Real Estate Agent Again

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Looking to purchase or sell your home? If you aren’t a first-time homebuyer, you have probably already used a real estate agent. Unless you are moving to a new area, you likely have the option to work with the same agent again. Here are some factors to consider when deciding to establish a repeat professional relationship with a real estate agent.

Working with the Same Agent

If you liked working with your agent, they may be the first person that you think of for your new purchase or sale. It may be their professional expertise, their demeanor and attitude, or just their understanding of what you want and need in a home. Because you have already gone through the process, they are more familiar with your needs and style. This can make the home search smoother and faster.

If your real estate agent has retired or moved, you might be able to work with one of their colleagues still in the area. You can also ask them for referrals or recommendations if you are looking in a new area. Real estate agents work closely together and often know the styles of other agents. They can match you with another agent who will suit your needs.

Finding a New Agent

Not every real estate transaction goes smoothly and not all agents are easy to work with. This may be due to their style, expertise, or just personal dynamics. If you didn’t have a great experience the first time around, it’s okay to find a new agent. There is a lot of turnover within the real estate industry and most agents understand that what works for some clients will not work for all.

Deciding if you want to work with an agent again ultimately comes down to how well you worked with a particular real estate agent the first time. If it turned out to be a great partnership, chances are the next time you work together will be equally smooth. If you didn’t have a good experience, it may be time to start looking for a new agent.

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